ManPower Nitro and ManPower Ultra work in different ways to

Increase energy and strength      Improve sexual performance      Raise confidence and self esteem

ManPower Nitro

ManPower Nitro works primarily by elevating nitric oxide levels in the blood.  Higher nitric oxide levels have been found to increase energy, improve athletic endurance and enhance sexual performance.  ManPower Nitro also promotes the relaxation of blood vessels and the circulation of oxygen through the arteries.  More oxygen and increased blood flow means increased stamina and better erectile function.

ManPower Ultra

ManPower Ultra works as a testosterone booster.  As men age their levels of testosterone decline.  This is due to more of their natural testosterone production being broken down into dihydrotestosterone and estrogen metabolites.  The ingredients in ManPower Ultra block the unhealthy breakdown and help the body to maintain higher levels of free testosterone in the blood.  HIgher free flowing testosterone levels mean increased energy and strength, improved sexual performance and more confidence and self esteem.